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    We planned, build, and tested our UAV’s ourself.
    There are many consideration on building UAV,
    and it requires many times to obtain a well balance UAV.
    We only use the best parts to get the most durable, portable,
    and best flight duration possible.

    General Specification :

    3DR Pixhawk
    GPS Neo 8M
    Camera trigger detector (accurate location photo gps tag)
    CHDK for Canon camera
    RFD900+ Telemetry module

    AeroMapper 01

    Wingspan 1680
    Flight Time : 90 minutes
    Battery : 21.000mah 3S Li Ion
    Stability that ensures good glider preformance and long Flight
    12 inch propeller.

    AeroMapper 02

    Wingspan 1200
    Flight Time : 60 minutes
    Battery : 9.000mah 3S Li Ion
    Highly portable, the best for remote area
    Easy to launch
    Fast assemble

    AeroMapper 03

    Wingspan 2200mm
    Flight Time : 120 minutes
    Battery : 24.000mah 4S Li Ion
    Strong and can face strong wind
    Long Flight time and spacious cabin area
    Best option for large area mapping